Becca Crowell

Ruffled Feathers Photography has changed the game in photography around this area. She isnt your normal, standard photograher. She has a vision, a true artist mindset, and a love for all things different! I have worked with Ashley for many photoshoots, from a dark fantasy style with bird wings, to a soft and intimate shoot with my husband. She is hands down the best photographer ive ever worked with, and always makes me feel so comfortable on set. You want it, she can do it!!

Brittany Hunt

Ruffled Feathers Photography has been, and always will be, my go to photographer for everything! Family pictures, senior portraits, 1 year pictures, she’s done it all for my family. She is always so patient with the kids and works so well with them. RFP goes above and beyond to make sure every single picture is perfect! Because of Ruffled Feathers Photography, I have the most beautiful photos of my family and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Victoria Alexander

Ruffled Feathers Photography will always come highly recommended by me to my clients, family, and personal friends. I used this amazing company for my business photoshoots and Ashley always takes my headshots. Ashley is truly sensational; a rare breed artist and story-teller. I can not recommend her enough. The professionalism and creativity I’m greeted with during every session is a breath of fresh air in this very stale mediocre photography area of Louisiana and the south as a whole. Ruffled Feathers Photography is the perfect blend of art and innovation - a lot of care and thought goes into each of their sessions and I love reading about the vision behind each shoot and client. In truth, it doesn’t get any better than Ashley Wyatt when it comes to photography.

Kate Creel

Ruffled Feathers Photography (RFP) has always been a sure dream to work with! We have been using RFP for many years now and she has always captured the sweetest moments for our family! Those sweet moments have turned into some of my most precious memories! I love how "real" the photography is. As a mom, my most treasured gift is my family and to have RFP take professional pictures/videos has been priceless! I am looking forward to more great memories as our family continues to grow! Thank you for everything!

Amber Lowe

I have had the privilege of using Ashley for my photography needs for years. She is always very professional and works very hard to make sure that my sessions are beautiful and unique. She is truly an artist and therefore always learning  and improving herself and her god given talent. Her work never ceases to amaze me.

Machaela Carpenter

Ashely is absolutely amazing! We used her to photograph our 3 year old and her little pony. She was beyond patient with both of them and our pictures turned out amazing! I loved how she captured each moment and our pictures weren’t “posed”. Not only is Ashley an amazing photographer but she was so patient with all of my questions and was very cooperative with scheduling our shoot! Such a GREAT photographer and GREAT quality images that we will cherish of our little girl forever!

Nicki Venable

I’ve watched Ashley grow and transform from beginner photographer to an artistic, professional photographer with a style and process like no other. Ashley has always taken the time to get to know her clients and uses that to create the most beautiful art and memories that seem to perfectly capture each individual personality. She has an eye for the perfect venue and has never failed to amaze me with her creativity. I have never lived close to Ashley, yet she has always come through and made sure that in my busy mom life I’m able to have such beautiful memories with zero effort on my part.

Sarah Snipe

Ashley is an amazingly gifted photographer! She never ceases to impress me with her talent and professionalism. She has photographed my children for years and always does a great job! Wether it’s weddings, births, or different sessions with family or children, she  captures life’s precious moments for you to cherish for years to come! - Sarah

Allison Hightower

I’ve used Ruffled Feathers Photography for multiple different types of shoots. Each experience was always amazing and I was never disappointed in the outcome. The results produced by Ashley have always exceeded my expectations and were always received in a timely manner. I highly recommend Ashley with Ruffled Feathers Photography for any photography needs.

Devyn Boyett

Ruffled Feathers Photography isn’t just “another photographer.” RFP has become a part of our family. She has been there from bridals, to our wedding, to our precious little ones new borns and so on! She always makes the photo shoot all about us and is so kind and patient. Her work is beautiful and I’m so thankful I’ll have pictures to cherish forever because of her! She continues to grow and improve (which I didn’t think was possible.) Anytime we have pictures and are able to match her schedule we definitely use her. She’s the best!!!


My name is Ashley Wyatt. I am a self-taught photographer. I started shooting in 2008 and I have learned every day (sometimes the hard way) since.

In 2016, God pushed me to take this on full time. He knew I needed more time with my daughter, Ryan Kate. She is my most prayed for gift. She inspires me daily and brings me back to my childhood roots. Being with her lights a fire within my imagination. It has been a win-win. 

I love all things art (poetry, painting, music, etc.) Unfortunately, I can’t create it in any other way than through photography. I love to absorb other forms of art and let it inspire my own. I love art that has depth, storytelling, and makes you feel something. That is what I try to do with my work.

My style is a part of who I am. Most of the pictures I take of Ryan Kate symbolize something I have or am going through. A lot of my styled work is deep and moody, but in reality, I’m typically your normal goofball.

I like to be around the arts and involved in local events, but on any given normal day you can find me outside playing with Ryan Kate, pruning my roses, watching my watermelons grow (if it’s not 109 degrees outside) or binge watching HGTV or Snapped (it’s my guilty pleasure and it sends me into nap-coma.)

I don’t take this part of my life for granted at all. There are more times than not that I pick myself apart and over analyze everything. I am my own worst critic, but at the end of the day I thank God for all that He has gifted me with and I know He has a plan for me. . . He told me so.